When it was first introduced, the colour laser printer was too expensive to be of much help as a personal printer. However, since that time, these high-quality color printers have become very affordable. It’s now possible to pick up a basic laser printer model for only slightly more than you would need for a quality inkjet printer.

With these printing devices, you will enjoy speed, economy, and precision as well as wireless technology. A wireless laser printer makes it possible to accomplish much more while also giving you more freedom as you work. Because a laser moves faster, it can achieve greater speeds compared the ink jet.

Requires No Ink

With a color laser printer, you will not require ink as they employ toners. These are plastic and iron particles designed to melt onto the paper using special heated rollers known as the fuser unit. This means that there is nothing that needs drying up. You can go away for extended periods, knowing that when you come back your laser printer will still be in perfect working condition. You are not going to need a new cartridges set because during your absence they dried up.

Easy Operation

Compared to the inject models, operating laser printers is cheaper by far. It is a fact that inkjet printer vendors sell them at low prices in the knowledge that the needed inkjet ink is what will bring in the profit. Up front, it may cost you more to buy a laser printer but when printing, the cost per page could be as low as a tenth of what you would incur with an inkjet printer.

A colour laser printer is not only faster, but the capacity of the paper tray is also larger. Therefore, you will not have to continually keep on refilling the paper tray when you are carrying out a high volume job.

No Ink Smears

Printed documents that bear ink smudges look very unprofessional. The laser toner that is used in colour laser printers has been designed to stick to the paper. Unlike inkjet printed documents, laser printed documents have no wet ink that could possibly smear on your paper if exposed to sweaty fingers or moister. The images and words printed on your paper are always clear and readable.

Wireless Laser Printer Offers Mobility

With the traditional printer, you must stay close enough for the networking cables between your laptop/PC and the printer to reach. With a wireless laser printer, after you finish working on the document on your computer, you can send it to your laser printer without having to move from desk or couch when you are catching up with the latest news on TV.


For many professionals such as designers, writers, and architects, color laser printers are the best option; they not only get better quality printing but more swiftly. Even though colour laser printers are mostly used for commercial purposes, the numbers of home users who are choosing them over the inkjet printer is fast rising. If you would like to learn more, there are more resources available at West X Business Solutions.

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