The truth is that even fertile couples who are trying to conceive only have between a fifteen and twenty percent chance of succeeding each month. Some people might think that conceiving naturally is quite easy but these changes are actually quite low. Unfortunately, many couples face the prospect of further reduced chances for a variety of reasons. Here are the top four reasons for going to a fertility clinic to see a specialist:

1. The Woman’s Periods Are Not Regular

Some women don’t experience regular monthly periods and this could also mean that they are not ovulating each month. Consequently, this decreases the chances of a successful conception.

There may be a number of reasons why a woman isn’t having regular monthly periods, including stress, but one of the most common is an ovulatory disorder. This is when it’s time to go and see a fertility specialist at a clinic to talk about treatment and ways to increase the chances of conception.

2. Male Fertility Problems

It’s often assumed that when conception doesn’t happen, it’s because there is a problem on the woman’s side. However, this is certainly not always the case. In cases where the woman is having regular periods and they are trying to have a baby, it could be that the man has low fertility. This is when a test needs to be done at a fertility clinic.

3. Conception Problems

Many couples will discontinue birth control in the hopes of getting pregnant. But if the couple has not experienced any signs of pregnancy in the first 6 to 12 months, then the chances are that there may be another issue such as low fertility. In these cases, it’s essential to go to see a fertility specialist.

4. There Have Been Multiple Miscarriages

Even though having a miscarriage is a perfectly natural event, when a woman has had two or more in her history, this can indicate other problems and diseases. In fact, many women may think that they can have a successful pregnancy just because they have been pregnant in the past despite the miscarriage. Sadly, more than one miscarriage may indicate embryonic problems, thyroid problems, uterine issues, and hormonal problems.

In the case of two or more miscarriages, it’s essential to and book an appointment with a fertility specialist for further testing and advice.

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