We see the identity theft commercial’s on television, but for some reason we’re good at disassociating ourselves from the victims. The common phrase “this can never happen to me” consumes our brain and turns us into a careless spectator. It is hard to sympathize with these individuals because they are not our close friends, co-workers, or relatives. For all we know, they are just actors on television reading from a well-rehearsed script. Our skepticism may surface when we see these individuals, but this has no bearing on the seriousness of identity theft. All across the globe, the number of victims are growing, and criminals are finding new ways to obtain our personal records.

Identity Theft – A Strange Occurrence

This phenomenon may seem bizarre to someone who was born and raised as a citizen in their nation. If they have a birth certificate, license, and passport, how can anyone steal their identity? They know everyone in their town, and they went to the schools and religious institutions in their district. They can easily prove their own identity by going to the local barber or grocery store owner. Now, there is a widespread identity theft issue that gives faceless thieves more power than law-abiding citizens. Their actions are indiscriminate, and the method they use to obtain names is just way too simple.

The Resources of Identity Thieves

Technology is an identity thief’s best friend because it allows them to gather names quickly. It is also quite risky because everyone leaves some type of signature or trail whenever they use a computer. Hard documents are more difficult to obtain, but a cautious thief prefers hard data over cyber info. They target businesses who will forego document shredding services so they can save a few dollars on junk removal fees. Dumpsters are prime locations and gathering spots for relentless and resourceful identity thieves. if they spot a dumpster full of sensitive documents, they will dig through the filth for hours to find useable names.

Utilizing Effective Security Measures to Prevent ID Theft

The number of victims are growing because companies are becoming more and more careless by the day. They are exposing their data too often, and their security systems are not very effective against criminals. One large department store had a security breach that placed 110 million account holders at risk. Without proper security measures in place, these stories will be commonplace on major news networks. Cyber security systems and secure document destruction should be an integral part of every public and private establishment. These systems must be advanced and updatable to thwart identity thieves who are clever in their pursuits. If you would like to learn more, visit Shred-it.

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