Flexography is printing with the use of flexible rubber plates by initially drying the ink to print on a range of materials. Correct maintenance of flexstands guarantees the durability of the printing equipment.

It is crucial to enhance flex storage solutions to ensure the robustness and efficiency in flexographic printing services. The equipment has to be adequately cleaned and properly stored to avoid damaging the flex sleeves and also ensure they last for long, while serving you in various printing jobs that you must perform.

Flexographic printing sleeves are popular because:

  1. It reduces plate’s damage since they are permanently fixed in the printer.
  2. Related print jobs can be stored to use later.
  3. Flexographic sleeves are flexible and durable.
  4. Flexographic sleeves perform well with various materials, such as light tissues, 5 paper towels, as well as firm metal.
  5. Flexographic printing plates can perform multiple tasks previously done by the folding and shrink sleeves.

However, to optimize the creativity of plate sleeves, the equipment require proper maintenance and adherence to observing the preservation rules as highlighted below.

Cleaning Plates

Proper plate cleaning and maintenance saves you lots of cash in cost-saving over time. Good care of the plates reduces the need to procure newer ones and provide better print resolution during printing. Clean the plates at all times after removing them from the cylinder. The plate must be clean while mounting it on the printing machine. Dirty plates produce particles that get stuck beneath the ink. Ensure that the previous ink and deposits get removed to assure quality ink transfer.

Using the correct cleaning tools is crucial in maintaining of the flex sleeves. Harsh cleaning solvents such as acidic or alkaline solutions can damage the sleeve surfaces. Always refer to the manufacture’s recommendations for the correct cleaning apparatus and solutions for your sleeves. When the sleeves are not in use, store them in protective covers to keep away from damage.

Proper Storage

Plates must be properly stored after cleaning. Ensure the Sleeves are completely dry before storing away. Automated plate cleaners work well but some cleansers do not guarantee complete dryness due to the oil residue left on the plates. Store away the plates correctly to allow proper drying and prevent corrosion. Keep the plates away from high temperature, direct light, and away from plugged in electrical equipment.

Good Cleaning

Use horse hair brush or soft material like sponges while cleaning the plates. Different cleaning materials can have different effects on the reliability of the plate. Correct cleaning is guaranteed the paraphernalia functions optimally. A Flexcart is also essential for even movement in the room from one place to the next to save on time and improve general efficiency.

Flex Storage solutions support the correct functioning of flexo printing equipment. Proper maintenance of flexcarts and flexstands ensures the longevity of the equipment. Furthermore, Flexstand operator digital imaging of plates has unveiled various developments to the world of flexographic printing. For additional insights, please visit Flex Essentials.

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