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How to Pick the Best Office Printer for Your Business

How to Pick the Best Office Printer for Your Business

Even though many businesses are changing more to paperless environments, you might still need one or more business printers in your office for various paperwork that has to be done. If you are in the market for a colour laser printer or for office photocopiers, you might be overwhelmed by all of the office printers that are available on the market. It’s true that you have no lack of choices when shopping for a printer for small business, and you probably want to make sure that you choose the right one.

Luckily, asking yourself a few questions and considering a few things before buying a printer can help you make the right choice. Then, you can help ensure that you have the printer that you need for your office needs, and you can avoid having to replace it prematurely because it’s not the right model.

Think About Your Budget

First and foremost, you are going to need to look at just how much your office can afford to spend. The truth is that printers range drastically in pricing, and you can spend a little bit or a lot. For many businesses, choosing something in the mid range is the best choice. However, only you can crunch the numbers and decide how much your business can afford to spend. This can help you look at models that are in your price range rather than wasting time looking at too-costly models.

Decide if You Need a Multi-Functional Unit

If you already have a copier and scanner that are in good condition, you might not have any need to look for a printer that does anything other than print documents. If you don’t have these things and need them, however, you should know that you might be able to keep things simple and save a lot of money by buying an all-in-one unit.

Consider the Amount of Use Your Printer Will Get

Another thing to consider is how much use your printer will get once you buy it. If your office is only going to be using it for light use, a simpler and more affordable option might be sufficient. If you and others in your office will be using the printer all the time, however, it might be worth it to opt for a more expensive model that might turn out to be more reliable.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can look at and think about when choosing a printer for your place of business. If you think about these things and look at various models, you are sure to find the printer that is right for your office needs. The experts at XMA Business Solutions are capable of providing you with further information.

Three Reasons You Need to Hire a CPA This Tax Season

Three Reasons You Need to Hire a CPA This Tax Season

Filing your personal income taxes each year is undoubtedly one of the more stressful tasks that you need to complete regularly. While you must file your return on time, you must also file an accurate return to avoid financial penalties or worse. The pressure placed on your shoulders can be significant, and you may be thinking about using the services of chartered accountants to assist you with this process. You can easily find a CPA at any of the accounting firms in the local area to assist you, but bear in mind that a certified professional accountant is typically swamped with work during tax season. You may need to be patient to get the tax services you need. However, in exchange for your patience, you can benefit in several ways.

Save Time
Chartered accountants specialize in the preparation and filing of tax returns. Regardless of whether you are self-employed, you own a corporation, you own rental property or you have any number of other unique circumstances, you can rest assured that your CPA knows the tax law and can quickly and easily prepare a tax return on your behalf. You do not need to waste your valuable time trying to educate yourself about the latest changes in tax law because your CPA can assist you with this process.

Reduce Your Stress Level
Everything from a small misunderstanding in your education on tax law to a minor miscalculation when crunching numbers can cause your tax return to be inaccurate. You may feel pressured to review and re-review your tax return numerous times to ensure accuracy before you file it, and this can cause your anxiety and stress levels to rise to astronomical proportions. When you outsource your tax needs to a certified professional accountant, you can rest easy knowing that your taxes are being handled properly.

Ensure Your Tax Return is Accurate
If you have ever had the unpleasant experience of being audited, you may know firsthand how detrimental it can be to have an error on your tax return. This can cost you a significant amount of time as well as money. Whether you have previously been audited or not, you understandably want your tax return to be accurate, and your tax professional can assist you with this process.

There is a cost associated with hiring a CPA, but many will agree that tax services are worth every penny. When you want to ensure that your taxes are accurate or when you are focused on completing your tax return in the fastest and least stressful way possible, hiring chartered accountants makes sense. Because these professionals are in high demand in tax season, you can benefit from reaching out to a professional to contract services today.

How An Experienced Logistic Company Can Benefit You

How An Experienced Logistic Company Can Benefit You

One of the best ways for companies to maximize profits is to employ the services of an experienced logistics company. The search for a reputable logistics firm should involve careful consideration of warehousing capabilities, international shipping expertise, and industry success. Ideally, logistics companies should have multiple years of supply chain experience and should be well versed on global shipping considerations.

The Significance of Warehousing Capabilities

The ability to provide an organized, climate-controlled environment for products is a major advantage offered by logistics companies. Supply chain activities occur within a shared environment, promoting efficiency. And it is important to note that warehouses provide much more than space required for product storage. Experienced logistics companies have procedures in place to receive, label, store, retrieve, package and ship products as quickly as possible. Specific procedures such as kitting are utilized to save time and maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Importance of International Shipping Experience

Anyone who has shipped products outside his or her own country recognizes how distinct international shipments are from domestic shipments. Shippers face a variety of requirements ranging from the need for export documentation to the need for special packaging materials and additional fees. A logistics firm with international shipping experience will be familiar with the following key elements of exporting products:

*Experience completing a commercial invoice
*Negotiation with freight companies
*Knowledge of height restrictions that may apply with air freight
*Experience with the container loading process
*Awareness of prohibited materials such as weapons or treated wood
*Experience with crating products for export by ocean container

The Importance of Experience and Industry Success

In addition to warehousing capabilities and familiarity with international shipping, a logistics organization should have a lengthy track record of proven success. When evaluating logistics companies, people should consider the following three factors:

*Total number of years in the logistics industry
*Client references (a minimum of three to five is preferable)
*Versatility (ability to handle large or challenging shipments)

The Power of References and Site Visits

Of these three factors, a company’s references may be the most significant indicator of dependability. When contacting a reference, people should inquire about the logistics company’s dependability, responsiveness, and ability to handle challenging situations. Whenever possible, a facility tour is recommended to evaluate the company’s ability to safely care for and manage inventory. Visitors should evaluate the company’s inventory control process, warehouse cleanliness, adherence to safety guidelines, and packaging processes.

Alternative Solutions to Consider

Some companies prefer to handle their own logistics and warehousing. When this is the case, it is helpful to enlist the guidance of expert supply chain consultants. A supply chain consultant will monitor a company’s logistics department, employees and processes to screen for inefficiencies or poor utilization of resources. For a reasonable fee, a consultant will provide valuable feedback that can help a company reduce costs and improve supply chain procedures. For more information, please visit 3PL Links.

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How Your Smartphone Can Help You Run a More Successful Construction Business

How Your Smartphone Can Help You Run a More Successful Construction Business

When compared to some other types of businesses, the construction industry often isn’t considered to be very tech-reliant. You and your employees might use the same types of processes and equipment that you have used for years to get the job done, and you might still handle your paperwork and other business matters the old-fashioned way. However, you should know that today’s technology can help you out with your construction business in many ways that go beyond more modern construction equipment. For example, you can use your smartphone to help you run your business in many ways, from using a form app to much more. These are a few things that you might want to try.

Using a Form App for Work Forms

If you are accustomed to handling your paperwork the old-fashioned way, you should think about the benefits of using a mobile form instead. With a mobile form, you do not have to worry about carrying around lots of paperwork and risking losing it or getting it dirty while you’re on the job. You can minimize clutter, save room in your work truck for your tools and equipment and make it easy to send copies to your employees or your customers.

Keeping Customers Updated

Nowadays, many people do not stick around to watch the construction crew get its work done. Some people are just way too busy with their jobs and families to be very involved in the construction process, even when building a home. When having their homes remodeled, many people actually elect to go out of town rather than living in their home while the work is being done. Because of this, it is important to be able to stay in contact with your customers and keep them informed of your progress. With your smartphone, you can take high-quality photographs and quickly send them to your customers, getting their input about things or showing them proof that certain work has been completed.

Advertising on Social Media

Advertising on social media can be surprisingly effective for those who are in the construction industry, since it’s a great way to connect with local people who might just want to have a home built or have renovations done. Sure, you can work on this while you’re at home or at the office, but being able to quickly load pictures of your projects and quickly responding to messages or comments can help you be even more successful with it and can take a lot less time out of your busy work day.

As you can see, if you aren’t currently using your smartphone to help with your construction business, now is the time to start doing so. These are just a few ways that you can get started. For more information, there are some helpful resources on the ProntoForms blog.

Preserving your Flexographic printing Equipment for Long-Term Business Solutions

Preserving your Flexographic printing Equipment for Long-Term Business Solutions

Flexography is printing with the use of flexible rubber plates by initially drying the ink to print on a range of materials. Correct maintenance of flexstands guarantees the durability of the printing equipment.

It is crucial to enhance flex storage solutions to ensure the robustness and efficiency in flexographic printing services. The equipment has to be adequately cleaned and properly stored to avoid damaging the flex sleeves and also ensure they last for long, while serving you in various printing jobs that you must perform.

Flexographic printing sleeves are popular because:

  1. It reduces plate’s damage since they are permanently fixed in the printer.
  2. Related print jobs can be stored to use later.
  3. Flexographic sleeves are flexible and durable.
  4. Flexographic sleeves perform well with various materials, such as light tissues, 5 paper towels, as well as firm metal.
  5. Flexographic printing plates can perform multiple tasks previously done by the folding and shrink sleeves.

However, to optimize the creativity of plate sleeves, the equipment require proper maintenance and adherence to observing the preservation rules as highlighted below.

Cleaning Plates

Proper plate cleaning and maintenance saves you lots of cash in cost-saving over time. Good care of the plates reduces the need to procure newer ones and provide better print resolution during printing. Clean the plates at all times after removing them from the cylinder. The plate must be clean while mounting it on the printing machine. Dirty plates produce particles that get stuck beneath the ink. Ensure that the previous ink and deposits get removed to assure quality ink transfer.

Using the correct cleaning tools is crucial in maintaining of the flex sleeves. Harsh cleaning solvents such as acidic or alkaline solutions can damage the sleeve surfaces. Always refer to the manufacture’s recommendations for the correct cleaning apparatus and solutions for your sleeves. When the sleeves are not in use, store them in protective covers to keep away from damage.

Proper Storage

Plates must be properly stored after cleaning. Ensure the Sleeves are completely dry before storing away. Automated plate cleaners work well but some cleansers do not guarantee complete dryness due to the oil residue left on the plates. Store away the plates correctly to allow proper drying and prevent corrosion. Keep the plates away from high temperature, direct light, and away from plugged in electrical equipment.

Good Cleaning

Use horse hair brush or soft material like sponges while cleaning the plates. Different cleaning materials can have different effects on the reliability of the plate. Correct cleaning is guaranteed the paraphernalia functions optimally. A Flexcart is also essential for even movement in the room from one place to the next to save on time and improve general efficiency.

Flex Storage solutions support the correct functioning of flexo printing equipment. Proper maintenance of flexcarts and flexstands ensures the longevity of the equipment. Furthermore, Flexstand operator digital imaging of plates has unveiled various developments to the world of flexographic printing. For additional insights, please visit Flex Essentials.

Customs Brokering Services in Canada

Customs Brokering Services in Canada

During the shipping in of various consignments into the country, companies may hire the services of customs brokers to ensure imports and exports are cleared from customs upon arrival at the ports. Custom brokers help importers and exporters to get their merchandise through customs promptly. Customs brokers help in getting information in customs department into meaningful data. The business organization engages custom brokers to gain business intelligence in the country of operation.

Functions of Custom Brokers

Customs brokers help individual members get acquitted with tariff regulations on the customs regarding importing and exporting merchandise. Commercial imports are among chief consignments in the port, and individual business people may work in accordance with regulated custom laws to operate a business. Canadian customs are distinct in nature. Canadian location makes it unique in dealing with other nations and holding different perspective in world business. Canadian population comprise of people from various parts of Europe and thus making their culture different from other European nations and countries. Canadian customs offer exemptions for the people to bring in duty-free goods to people operating business as long as goods shipped in are for non- commercial purposes. However, many importers may not adequately access such offers since imports are mainly commercial in nature. Custom brokers help in a shipment of commercial merchandise through informing Canadian business operators of existing customs and clearing customs on time.

Custom Shipments

Shipment refers to large quantities of products sent to a location as one-time batch. Shipments may refer to imports or exports. Different shipments vary with the specifications of commercial services involved in addition to customs regulations. Custom brokers work in accordance to shipments regulations by customs authorities to clear consignments from the ports and deliver to customers in a timely manner. Canadian customs regulations keep on shifting with time and hence custom brokers need to be acquitted with the latest information pertaining tariffs and consignments. Custom brokers ought to be aware of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for knowledge of custom regulations on different occasions. There are taxes and duties levied on shipments depending on uses.

Commercial Imports

Commercial imports are shipments meant solely for business purposes. Customs brokers are helpful in dealing with commercial imports since they provide intelligence business information on the available markets in the country, tariff rates, and cheap imports location. Commercial imports require timely clearance from the customs authorities so as to deal with business competition. Canadian imports are subjected to federal taxes and regional taxes. Shipping consignments into Canada requires clearance from both customs authorities and regional areas where business premises are located. Commercial imports form the bulk of imports in any given country.

Preventing Identity Theft and Reducing Risk With Effective Methods

Preventing Identity Theft and Reducing Risk With Effective Methods

We see the identity theft commercial’s on television, but for some reason we’re good at disassociating ourselves from the victims. The common phrase “this can never happen to me” consumes our brain and turns us into a careless spectator. It is hard to sympathize with these individuals because they are not our close friends, co-workers, or relatives. For all we know, they are just actors on television reading from a well-rehearsed script. Our skepticism may surface when we see these individuals, but this has no bearing on the seriousness of identity theft. All across the globe, the number of victims are growing, and criminals are finding new ways to obtain our personal records.

Identity Theft – A Strange Occurrence

This phenomenon may seem bizarre to someone who was born and raised as a citizen in their nation. If they have a birth certificate, license, and passport, how can anyone steal their identity? They know everyone in their town, and they went to the schools and religious institutions in their district. They can easily prove their own identity by going to the local barber or grocery store owner. Now, there is a widespread identity theft issue that gives faceless thieves more power than law-abiding citizens. Their actions are indiscriminate, and the method they use to obtain names is just way too simple.

The Resources of Identity Thieves

Technology is an identity thief’s best friend because it allows them to gather names quickly. It is also quite risky because everyone leaves some type of signature or trail whenever they use a computer. Hard documents are more difficult to obtain, but a cautious thief prefers hard data over cyber info. They target businesses who will forego document shredding services so they can save a few dollars on junk removal fees. Dumpsters are prime locations and gathering spots for relentless and resourceful identity thieves. if they spot a dumpster full of sensitive documents, they will dig through the filth for hours to find useable names.

Utilizing Effective Security Measures to Prevent ID Theft

The number of victims are growing because companies are becoming more and more careless by the day. They are exposing their data too often, and their security systems are not very effective against criminals. One large department store had a security breach that placed 110 million account holders at risk. Without proper security measures in place, these stories will be commonplace on major news networks. Cyber security systems and secure document destruction should be an integral part of every public and private establishment. These systems must be advanced and updatable to thwart identity thieves who are clever in their pursuits. If you would like to learn more, visit Shred-it.

Getting Ready for an Office Move

Getting Ready for an Office Move
Are you getting ready to move your office to a new town or state? Would you like some tips as to how to make the transition go smoothly? The following are five things you can do to ensure that your office move goes well:

Start Early

One of the biggest reasons that people’s projects get backed up is that they don’t start early enough. An office move should be a slow process, not something that you try to do at the last minute. Trying to go super-fast like that will only cause problems and errors.

Hire a Moving Company

It would be a very good idea if you were to hire a moving company to help you with your office move. You will have a lot on your plate whether you are moving to the next town or across the country. Movers can help you in so many ways. First, they could offer you moral support while you are doing your moving. Secondly, they can help by packing everything up nicely for you. Thirdly, they have the strength to carry your heavy office furniture like your desks and your computer stands. Finally, the movers can load everything up into their truck and take it away just like that. It can be so easy for you.

Usage a Storage Facility

Allow a storage facility to be your best friend. A storage facility is a place where you can put some of the office items that you do not need right away. You can fetch them once you get settled into the new office and everything will be just fine. Many storage facilities offer deals in which they provide you with the first month of service at an extremely low price.

Get Document Shredding Services

Paper shredding services are another helpful item that can help you during your move. The reason that paper shredding services may be necessary is that you will want to protect any customers or business partners that you are leaving behind. You want to make sure that all of their information is left uncompromised. The best way to do that is to shred all the documents that have their personal information on it. Some companies will come to you and pick up the elements that you want trashed. They will perform swift and thorough document destruction.

Team up With the Family or Helpers

Finally, hire your family or some random neighborhood helpers to assist you with moving. It will alleviate you of stress. You can put a classified ad in for neighborhood helpers for your product.

If you follow all these tips, you should have a magnificent move. You will be able to exhale because there should be zero stress and all smiling faces for you. If you would like to learn more, there are more resources available at Shred-it.

Upgrade Your Printing with a Color Laser Printer

Upgrade Your Printing with a Color Laser Printer
When it was first introduced, the colour laser printer was too expensive to be of much help as a personal printer. However, since that time, these high-quality color printers have become very affordable. It’s now possible to pick up a basic laser printer model for only slightly more than you would need for a quality inkjet printer.

With these printing devices, you will enjoy speed, economy, and precision as well as wireless technology. A wireless laser printer makes it possible to accomplish much more while also giving you more freedom as you work. Because a laser moves faster, it can achieve greater speeds compared the ink jet.

Requires No Ink

With a color laser printer, you will not require ink as they employ toners. These are plastic and iron particles designed to melt onto the paper using special heated rollers known as the fuser unit. This means that there is nothing that needs drying up. You can go away for extended periods, knowing that when you come back your laser printer will still be in perfect working condition. You are not going to need a new cartridges set because during your absence they dried up.

Easy Operation

Compared to the inject models, operating laser printers is cheaper by far. It is a fact that inkjet printer vendors sell them at low prices in the knowledge that the needed inkjet ink is what will bring in the profit. Up front, it may cost you more to buy a laser printer but when printing, the cost per page could be as low as a tenth of what you would incur with an inkjet printer.

A colour laser printer is not only faster, but the capacity of the paper tray is also larger. Therefore, you will not have to continually keep on refilling the paper tray when you are carrying out a high volume job.

No Ink Smears

Printed documents that bear ink smudges look very unprofessional. The laser toner that is used in colour laser printers has been designed to stick to the paper. Unlike inkjet printed documents, laser printed documents have no wet ink that could possibly smear on your paper if exposed to sweaty fingers or moister. The images and words printed on your paper are always clear and readable.

Wireless Laser Printer Offers Mobility

With the traditional printer, you must stay close enough for the networking cables between your laptop/PC and the printer to reach. With a wireless laser printer, after you finish working on the document on your computer, you can send it to your laser printer without having to move from desk or couch when you are catching up with the latest news on TV.


For many professionals such as designers, writers, and architects, color laser printers are the best option; they not only get better quality printing but more swiftly. Even though colour laser printers are mostly used for commercial purposes, the numbers of home users who are choosing them over the inkjet printer is fast rising. If you would like to learn more, there are more resources available at West X Business Solutions.