There are some 3d printer designs that are used more often than others. Although you can make hundreds of everyday items using 3d print technology, below are examples of some that are more likely to be made because they are functional.

1. Kitchen Strainer

Using a kitchen strainer is something that doesn’t happen often enough, which is surprising since it can literally save you money. Printing a kitchen strainer can prevent you from having to call a plumber for repairs that could have been prevented by keeping particles out of the pipes.

2. Toilet Paper Dispenser

It’s obvious that a toilet paper dispenser is needed for the bathrooms in your home. What’s interesting about making them with a 3d printer is you can create multiple dispensers using a design that’s attractive, but also functional. It’s a way of making an art installation for your bathroom.

3. Trash Bag Hooks

Some people find garbage cans too conspicuous and usually end up hanging trash bags on the door handle instead. For an entirely different option, you can print trash bag hooks and place them in locations that are out of view. You can also use trash bag hooks in your vehicle to keep in clean if you’re someone that lives in your car as a result of a long commute to and from work.

4. Can Holder

If you consume soft drinks, you’ll appreciate having a custom can holder made using 3d print technology. You can use it instead of having to pour your beverage into a glass or cup.

5. Refrigerator Storage Unit

Organizing food in your refrigerator isn’t always the easiest thing to do. One way to make it a lot less frustrating is by printing refrigerator storage units so that you have more space for different types of food. You can even have storage units for the freezer section of your refrigerator. For more information, please visit

6. Vase

A nice vase is something that can be used for décor or to actually keep flowers hydrated. The beauty of a vase made using a 3d printer is you can make something that’s perfect for your home or the person you intend to give flowers to as a gift. The options are endless when it comes to designs for printing a vase.

While many of these items can be purchased at a store, a 3d printer enables you to make them at home. If you have kids, it can also be something that’s used for experimental purposes and even for homework assignments. This technology is great for learning and coming up with new product ideas, especially if you want to become an entrepreneur.

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