Advancements in 3d printer technology have been consistent over the past decade. In fact, you might be surprised by the many ways in which 3d printers are being used. Check out the examples below to get a better understanding of what’s possible.

1. Prototyping

There was a time when the only options for prototyping were complex and required a lengthy process. This is no longer the case when 3d printing is involved. Now a prototype can be produced in just a couple of hours and it doesn’t have to be outsourced if you have the right 3d technology. This has been embraced by many entrepreneurs and innovators. Some even produce products for immediate sale. Others use it to produce a prototype to uncover any required modifications. The resources at are also helpful and could help you learn more information.

2. Defense Systems

When you think about military defense systems, you probably imagine heavy artillery. While that is an aspect of what’s required in the area of weaponry, there’s also a need to create elements that are small and non-detectable. Whether it’s related to surveillance systems or a replacement component, 3d printers can help to accommodate defense system needs for military and non-military purposes.

3. Medical Applications

Most people that are familiar with 3d printing technology will probably agree that medical applications are the most amazing. That’s because it’s possible to actually develop artificial organ that can be transplanted when patients may not have another option or may have limited options.

4. Home Crafts

If you’ve been looking for a fun hobby that’s unlike anything you’ve done in the past, you might enjoy home crafts using a 3d printer. This won’t be like anything else you’ve done in the past because the possibilities are endless. For instance, you can print a bike, guitar or costume jewelry, among many other objects. The word “craft” is used loosely because these are items that are functional and useful.

5. Lower Pricing

While it’s true that a commercial quality 3d printer is often expensive, you’ll be happy to know that the prices are coming down. In fact, a basic 3d printer that might be purchased by an individual can cost only 10 percent of a commercial printer. As a result, there will likely be a lot more options from which to choose in the near future.

The idea of 3d printing can be difficult to grasp in the beginning. As you investigate the different objects that have been printed over the years, it will become clear that this technology is here to stay. What was once only used by manufacturers in the 1980s is now used by hobbyists, engineers, students, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

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